Pickleball is more than just a sport to us. It's a game that brings people together and does not discriminate regardless of your age, size or athletic ability. It's a game for top dogs and underdogs alike!

What we've noticed over the last couple years that we've been playing is that the sport brings people together within their communities and across the world. During the pandemic, our family started playing pickleball as a hobby and it quickly became an obsession. Days where we would have just binged another Netflix show turned into hours at the courts in Ogunquit, Maine, our second home. We experienced first-hand how our family bonded over the sport of pickleball, and inspired us to share that same feeling with others.

We want to bring pickleball lovers together with our brand, dinkz. We want you to think of dinkz when you need new apparel to sport at your next tournament, when you're playing at the courts down the street, or even when you're lounging at home on those lazy Sundays watching Netflix.